Argghhh Sakit Gigi !




It was happened on last 2nd day of Raya. 

He can’t stand anymore till make him cried (same goes to me). First thing in the morning, we was looking for pharmacy and as expected, it was closed even most of pharmacy belongs to Chinese.

Luckily, he still remember one of traditional Chinese medicine store nearby Honyi Textile, KB. That store owner – old Apek advised him to take 3 pills together with Air cap badak for more effective effect.


MMT_Toof Noir 2

Picas : ® My Milk Toof Inhae Lee 2009 – 2012


Finally, Alhamdullilah..not even 10 minutes – bengkak tu makin kurang..and it really work. Oh ya…harga pun tak mahal …9 biji cuma RM2 …


Hmmm…thinking for alternative way also require while emergency in place.





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