Roasted Chicken Recipe by My Dear BFF

Tetiba , feeling2 terasa nak makan ayam panggang. Haissh, mana nak carik recipe nih.

Oh ya, just remember to my dear bff, Nunni. She had served me with her own roasted chicken.

Time tu dia just move to her own house. So, I’m her first friend guest la rasanya.

Rasanya sedap and she said its super duper easy to do it.

Tanpa was-was, saya terus wassap dia and ask for her recipe.

Tadaa, the recipe and her cute recipe .

In Sha Allah, saya akan cuba and lets my dear taste it, lets see whether its thumbs up or down.


Fresh , colourful and tempting taste ..


Recipe santai from dear bff. Just copy paste to jusgramm from her Wassap. Thank u babe !


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